pinnacle wireless

Two-way and on-site radio systems for mobile voice and data application

When you need reliable, private communications with high availability, two-way radio technology is usually the superior choice. Two-way radio systems are the proven solution for both daily use and in the case of natural or manmade disasters.

Public Safety agencies and Governments rely on radio systems with fast access, clear, and reliable communications for their Critical Communications needs. Critical Infrastructure Industries, such as utilities transportation systems, and oil and gas, use private two-way radio systems with high reliability and coverage throughout the work environment to assure communications for planned and unplanned work. Businesses and enterprises use radio system to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their work force.

Pinnacle is an authorized integrator for the leading manufacturers of radio equipment including Motorola and Selex Communications. The diverse portfolio of solutions we draw from enables Pinnacle to create a tailored system that meets your specific needs and business mission.


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